1. Prices
Prices subject to change without notice. Prices are FOB New Jersey.

2. Changes to Specifications
Tracer reserves the right to change its products and their specifications without notice.

3. Warranty
Tracer offers a limited warranty on its products. The warranty is limited to the replacement or repair of defective parts, for a period of 90 days after shipment. Under no condition will Tracer be held liable for any consequential or indirect damages.

4. Merchantability
Tracer makes no representations as to the suitability of its products for use on any product, system or end-application. The technical, commercial and legal liabilities associated with the use of Tracer’s products is the responsibility of the customer. Tracer will assume no such liability.

5. Patents and Trademarks

The T-Buss™ system is covered by USA patent No. 4,785,285 and others. “T-Buss™” and “IDM” are trade marks of Tracer Electronics, Inc. Tracer’s customers that purchase a complete sub-system or its components, are provided with a license to use Tracer’s technology.

6. OEM Agreements
Tracer welcomes the opertunity to quote you OEM pricing and delivery, should your annual usage exceed 5,000 IDM modules per year, for qualified customers.

7. Literature 
Detailed technical design manuals are available to qualified customers.

8. Custom Designs 
Tracer welcomes inquiries about custom modules and controllers.

9. Proprietary Protocols
The TCU-7 Controller is available with several proprietary protocols for controlling the T-Buss™ from your system. Consult Tracer for additional details.